VETRAMIL AURIS – Ear Drops for Animals 15 ml


VETRAMIL AURIS – Ear Drops for Animals 15 ml

Vetramil Auris contains a unique formulation that was developed to support the treatment of ear inflammation and irritated skin caused by e.g. otitis externa and eczema in the outer ear cavity.

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VETRAMIL AURIS – Ear Drops for Animals 15 ml

The antibacterial activity of honey protects the skin and with the anti-oxidative capacity, it helps to reduce redness and itching. Propylene glycol is a neutral carrier fluid that purifies the ear cavity by dissolving ear wax. Vetramil auris does not contain pharmaceuticals and helps to reduce the application of antibiotics and corticosteroids.

For Vetramil® Auris, only pure and high quality ingredients are used. Production takes place under GMP conditions and under the quality system of Bfactory Health Products B.V.

How to use Vetramil® Auris

Vetramil® Auris is an effective product that can be applied to animals with ear problems, such as dogs, cats, horses, rodents, sheep. Vetramil Auris comes in easy-to-use, smart applicators, enough for usage during 7-14 days. Use once per day, appr. 1,5 ml per application.