SERESTO– Fleas and Ticks Collar for Dogs


 SERESTO– Fleas and Ticks Collar for Dogs

Protection against fleas and ticks for eight months with its innovative delivery system, Seresto offers a breakthrough in flea and tick protection for dogs or cats for eight months

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 SERESTO– Fleas and Ticks Collar for Dogs

Features and benefits:

  • For dogs or cats

  • Kills fleas

  • Repels and kills ticks

  • If a tick is repelled or killed, it can't attach and

    transmit the organisms that may cause disease

  • Non-greasy, odorless, easy-to-use

Recommendations for use:

  • Remove collar from protective bag immediately prior to use.

  • Unroll collar and make sure that there are no remnants from the plastic connectors inside the collar.

  • Insert end of the collar through the buckle. Adjust the collar around the dog or cat’s neck without tightening it too tight (as a guide, it should be possible to insert two fingers between the collar and the neck).

  • Pull excess collar through the loop and cut off any excess length extending inch beyond the loop.

  • Seresto comes with three optional reflector clips that can be attached to the collar for additional visibility at night. The reflector clips should be evenly distributed on the non-overlapping part of the collar.